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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Download Babyscripts: Your Free Guide through Pregnancy

Pregnant woman looking at phone in kitchen in front of sign that says together

We are pleased to announce that we now offer access to a free mobile app called Babyscripts, designed to help guide you through your pregnancy and postpartum journey.  

While the app is not a replacement for pre- and postnatal care and open dialogue with your health care providers, it provides a daily feed of content customized to your exact due date. You receive provider-approved articles, photos and videos designed to educate, engage and inspire you from conception through your baby’s first birthday. Topics range from things like genetic testing to medications that are safe to take during pregnancy and more.


You can also use Babyscripts to track your own weight and progress, along with other milestones and health information. We love that it answers many of the questions most common with mothers to be, often before you even think to ask them. And because the content is available 24/7, you can find the information you need right when you want it.


You can get started at any stage of your pregnancy. Go to the app store on your device and search for “Babyscripts myJourney.” Download and open the app, which will send you a personal passcode you can enter to create your own account. Then start exploring your customized timeline, resources and feed.


If you have questions about the app or how to download it, you can contact Babyscripts Support at or 1-844-692-2297.


We hope you find this to be a useful supplement to the information you receive at your appointments!