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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are You in Balance?

Healthy young women feel great, have lots of energy and sleep restfully. But as women age, their hormone levels change, and they can begin to feel out of balance. Hormones naturally decline over this period of time, which can bring about unwanted symptoms such as weight gain, loss of libido (interest in sex), and sleep disruptions.

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are three primary hormones that are produced by the ovaries during reproductive years. Beginning as early as the mid-thirties, the natural production of these hormones declines. While normal, it's not necessarily easy to cope with.

Perimenopause is that time leading up to menopause you are still making some hormones, but not cycling in a predictable pattern. This can lead to abnormal bleeding patterns, mood swings and other symptoms mentioned above. With proper treatment, however, they can be alleviated.

Our providers can help you get some of that balance back with accurate diagnosis and proper hormonal management. These hormone replacement therapies (HRT) use the the very same hormones your body naturally synthesizes. We use single or multiple bio-equivalent hormones to help you achieve the healthy state of hormone balance that is typically present when your 30s and cycling normally. HRT can be administered by oral preparation or transdermal patch via plant isoflavones, combination therapies or non-hormonal nutraceuticals