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At Women’s Health Associates, we accept most major forms of health insurance. The most common questions we receive are answered below, but please call our billing office if you need additional information: (413) 562-6260.

Q: I received a statement in the mail for services that should have been billed to my insurance company.
A: You will most likely find, on your statement, a note explaining why your insurance did not cover the bill or why your insurance was not been billed for the visit. If the statement instructs you to call our office, please do so as soon as possible. If you are unclear why you are receiving a bill, please call us.

Q: I just changed my health insurance provider. What will I need to do for my next visit to Women's Health Associates?
A: Each time you change health insurance providers, you will need to update your insurance information with us. Be sure to bring your new insurance card with you to your next visit. When you check in for your appointment, notify the receptionist of the change in your insurance. Our receptionist will ask you to update your information by filling out a new patient information form. During your next visit to our office, the receptionist will also take a copy of your insurance card for our billing department. Once we have your new insurance information, we will update the information in our computer system so your new insurance will be billed for your visit.

Q: I received a statement in the mail for a bill that I have already paid.
A: Likely, the statement was sent out before the payment was posted to your account. However, please call the office to confirm payment was received and posted to your account.

Q: I received a bill from a lab (not Women's Health Associates) for lab services that were performed at Women's Health Associates or ordered by my physician. If I have questions about the bill, who should I call?
A: If the bill is not from Women's Health Associates, you should call the phone number given on the bill. Regardless if the lab work was originally performed in our office (for example, a Pap smear), or if the lab was ordered by your provider (for example, a blood test), we do not have access to the lab billing records.

Q: My insurance provider requires me to obtain a referral from my primary care physician (PCP). Do I need to obtain this referral before my visit?
A: If your insurance provider requires you to have a referral for an appointment with our practice, it is important that you request your referral from your PCP in advance, so he or she can prepare the referral before your visit. You can either have your PCP mail the referral to us, or you may hand-carry the referral to our office at the time of your appointment. Each time you are seen in our practice, we require that you sign a waiver on the back of your fee slip. This waiver allows us to release information to your insurance provider about your visit and also acknowledges you as financially responsible for your visit if your insurance company denies payment. If we do not have a referral on file for your visit, or if you do not have a referral with you at the time of your appointment, your visit may be denied by your insurance provider and the balance will become your responsibility.

Q: At my last appointment, I forgot to bring my new insurance card or I had not received my new card yet. What should I do?
A: Please call the office as soon as possible with your new insurance information. You may be asked to fax a copy of your card to our office so that we may accurately update your information in our system. Failing to notify our office of an insurance change will most likely result in a denial of payment from your expired policy, as well as a delay in payment or payment denial from your new insurance provider. As a result, the balance will your responsibility for payment. It is very important to keep your insurance information up to date with our practice.

Q: I do not know whether my insurance will require a referral for my upcoming appointment. How can I find out?
A: It us usually possible for women to see their ob/gyn provider without a referral. However, there may be special circumstances with your insurance policy that still require you to obtain a referral. To find out if your insurance requires you to obtain a referral from your PCP, please call your insurance company. Although your PCP or our billing office may know about the general requirements of many insurances, the best way to be sure about referrals and benefits is to consult your insurance benefits handbook or call your insurance provider.

Q: My insurance provider has made me responsible for paying the balance for my visit at Women's Health Associates. How do I do that?
A: Please send your payment to our office, and note your account number on your check.

The address is:
Women's Health Associates
65 Springfield Rd
Westfield, MA 01085

If you are unsure and/or disagree with why your insurance company has denied payment, please call your insurance company. Although the billing office may be able to provide some general information , we do not have information about your individual insurance policy to answer specific questions about the reason for denial; your insurance company will be able to explain the denial in greater detail. In most instances, your insurance card will have a customer service phone number on the front or back of your card.