Birth Control & Family Planning

A Compassionate Approach to Birth Control and Family Planning

Birth control is used to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy.  The providers at Women's
Health Associates are here to help you make the choice that works best for your age, medical history, and lifestyle.  You have many choices when it comes to birth control and family planning.  Long acting reversible contraception or LARC methods include IUDs and implants such as Nexplanon.  Hormonal options include oral contraceptives (the pill), the vaginal ring, and the shot (injectable Depo Provera,). Barrier methods include condoms and spermicides.  If you  want to know more about birth control options call or book your appointment online at one of the practices convenient locations in Springfield or Westfield, Massachussetts.  We can help you find the method that best fits your needs. 

 Women seeking permanent birth control can receive the experienced care of Women’s Health Associates . Minimally-invasive, pelviscopic, bilateral tubal ligation services are performed by our physicians at both Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA and at Baystate Noble Hospital in Westfield, MA. This permanent birth control procedure has a quick recovery time.

If you are interested in more information about any of these methods, please call either office to schedule an appointment with the staff at Women’s Health Associates